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When a woman inserts the roach of a lit joint into the hole of a man's penis, and proceeds to wrap her mouth around the lit end of the roach and then blows, sending smoke into the penis. Similar to a classic mouth-to-mouth shotgun, but into your dick. Get's you high as balls, in your balls.

Also known as a Dutch Down-Under Hit.
Bill: "Hey man, how was your trip to Oktoberfest?"
Mike: "Incredible man... got my first German Roach Job."
Bill: "German Roach Job? No Shit?!"
Mike: "Ya man I was even more stoned than the time we made those brownies... it was epic!"
Bill: "Jealous, all i ever get is lame old blowjobs...."
#dutch down-under hit #marijuana #high #balls #raoch job
by Heinz345 August 09, 2011
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