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Probably either the coolest or weirdest person you will ever meet.

German exchange students usually love to party, drink beer, and have a good time.

They probably have blond hair, blue eyes, and chubby faces from all the alcohol they consume.

They also will probably believe that their country is better than yours and will defend it to the very end:
German Exchange Student: Schools are so easy in America.

American kid: Why?

German Exchange Student: {launches into an essay about the three different types of school, the classes, teachers, diploma-like think you have to get to graduate, lack of extra credit, and lack of A's or A+'s in Germany. Basically ripping apart the American kid's school system, while claiming that the German school system is better}

American kid: I'm going to become an exchange student in Germany.

German Exchange Student: Good for you.
by friendofagerman June 12, 2012
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