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Some sort of game German adolescent play. The rules are simple. You and your friends stand next to each other in a circle. In the middle there is a biscuit. Everyone tries to perform a cumshot onto the biscuit. The one who comes last has to eat the delicious result.
Let´s play the German Biscuit.

Also interesting:
French biscuit->each one has to eat a part of it
Spanish biscuit->not more than two players
Italian biscuit->the one with a gun doesn´t eat in any case
American biscuit->a hamburger is used instead of a biscuit
Thai biscuit->one player only
Serbian biscuit->the one who stays alive can do whatever he wants
Polish biscuit->if no one has stolen the biscuit, one can play
by anonymous56394037398 April 09, 2013