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As one of the top prestigious teams in the nation, Prep finishes in the top 10-15 every year. We beat Landon in 2003 due to our incredible talent, and our remarkable defensive skills, and not because of our recruiting. Regardless of our national standing against the Landon School, we are always a better team. We respect our opponents and prepare for every game (not just the landon game).
CF: hey fellow landon fags, you wanna smash this prep guy's car???
landon fags: sure, we go to landon. Were fucking delinquent jackasses who couldnt possible get caught by the police!
by PG April 24, 2005
A team in the IAC who has lost to rival Landon for 18 years straight and finally beats them for once, thanks to obvious recruiting, and acts like they are beasts or something.
Georgetown Prep Lacrosse celebrates their 1-18 record against Landon Lacrosse.
by RDB3412 September 25, 2003
A boys school with a load of hot doofuses who think they can play sports. Madeira girls hate mixers with them. They prefer Blue Ridge, Episcopal, and Woodberry sometimes.
GP boys can't play lax. They wish Mad girls payed more attention to them.
by Marissa May 23, 2004
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