Any dumbass who can't speak Engish the right way.
"See, one of the interesting things in the Oval Office—I love to bring people into the Oval Office—right around the corner from here—and say, this is where I office, but I want you to know the office is always bigger than the person."

"The illiteracy level of our children are appalling."

"I think war is a dangerous place."
by footballstud580 April 03, 2004
a old stupid white man who cannot be president
I'm not voting for him he is a GeorgeBush.
by Tyler Andere March 22, 2003
The best president out there. He's like the prodigy child of JFK, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and George Washington. George Bush can do no wrong. You can't get any better, whether you're spreading democracy or helping the nation.
George Bush is the best president in the world!!!
by Republicansin08 December 02, 2006
GW in College
A retard who only got into Yale because his Daddy has money and barely got through wth a C- average. A cheerleader and cocaine addict who was commonly arrested for drunk driving.
GW in business
A financial flop who owns several corporations who should be bankrup except for the fact that his daddy put more money into it. Overall.. cant run a company... so how the hell is he going to run a country?
GW as president
toooo fucking much... would take my entire afternoon to write this. The basics... wrong on war, the war on terror, abortion, gay rights, examples, taxes and life in general.
GW on Sept. 11
After the attacks he had 7 members of the Bin Laden family in the united states in custody,,, want to know what he did with them? He let them leave the country and go back to Iraq. Bad choise Mr. Bush.
An idiot who has no clue what he's saying

"They misunderestimated me"
"I believe that the human being and the fish shoud be able to live together in peace and harmony"
"We should be able to put food on our children"
"Mission Accomplished" (NOT!)
"I know it's a budget... because it has lots of numbers on it!"

We are letting THIS man lead our country? What the fuck happened?
by Operartion Iraqi Liberation = OIL December 14, 2004
An arrogant assh... who thinks he gets brownie points with women by crediting his wife for his success. No george you should thank your daddy, your trust fund, your dads friends in high places,legacy admission to a prestigous university, Karl Rove, A.A. He has left a trillion dollar debt for our nations young citizens, abused the honerable young men and women in the armed services by knowingly accepting false intelligence and manipulating it to have his fantasy of being a war president become a reality.Al quaida thanks him as he is the poster boy for recruitment of anti american sentiment world wide and every innocent civilian he kills, their sons and brother join the resistance in Iraq . You have created a quagmire that the USA will pay for for centuries. Thanks for being the biggest f... up in the history of the United States!
Insight into americas biggest f... up!
by ScottM August 20, 2005
President of the United States, serving his second term until January of 2009, after finishing his first in Jan. of 2005.

Widely regarded as the worst or second worst president ever - for obvious reasons: In his four years and 4 months in office, he's ruined ever Social System in place, some as old as FDR's adminstration.

Economically, the Bush Administration is a total failure. A record deficit, pushing $750 Billion dollars (3/4ths of a Trillion) has been made from the Clinton Administration's surplus of $850 Billion (as recorded in January 2000). Import/Export rates have plummetted, unemployment is at one of the highest levels since the depression, and the dollar no longer holds its own with the only monetary competitor - the Euro. The current exchange rate as of writing this is $1.55 for ever 1 Euro.

Domestically, the Bush Administration is also a failure - Not since the Revolutionary War has the United States been so hated in Europe, and our growing reputation of being "The World Police" doesn't help. International Companies are feeling the pressure of being tied to the USA through corporate alliances and whatnot, while international tourism has dropped significantly since September 11th, 2001.

The wars in both Afganistan and Iraq, as well as the inevitable wars with Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and perhaps North Korea, have further fueled the Anti-War front to take action - on the second anniversary of the Iraq war, there were 5,000 protests worldwide, numbering in the hundereds of thousands of people gathering for one cause - the only other thing that has gathered that many people was the death of the Pope John Paul II.

The Bush Administrations policy of deceit doesn't end there though - The justifacation for war was that Iraq had Nuclear weapons, none of which were ever found. After their pretext for war was unveiled, they quickly shifted their agenda to "Liberating" the Iraq people, but after two years of occupation there, 63% of the Iraq population loathes Americans, and that number is apparent in the increasing nationalist insurgent attacks across Iraq.

Some other miscellaneous facts about the Bush Administration include privatizing Social Security, in essance, putting S.S. decisions in the hands of 'the working man', people who don't have economic or accounting experiance, in the hopes that they'll mess up and the government won't have to pay up. Other negating factors include the funding of a perspective Military Draft, drilling for oil in the last artic wildlife reserve funded by the US, and reports that both the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen. While the former election may have been, it's unclear, although the 2004 elections have much more proof - noteably the fact that the touch-screen voter machines used in both Ohio and Florida were manufactured by Vice President Dick Cheney's 'former' company, Halliburton.

Unfortunatly, Bush will continue to lead our great country into ruin until 2008 rolls around and he cannot run again. Thankfully, republicans around the country are realizing what they did on November 2nd, 2004, and in the last month alone, Bush's approval ratings are 30% below what they were on Election day. Despite what neoconservative whiners say, the GOOD people of America will win this battle, even if it takes another 3 and a half years.
"George Bush is the current President of the United States, and by far the most hated of them all for his devious tactics, treachery, and greed"
by Matt May 04, 2005
A man who really should get a third term. Two in office, one in jail.
George Bush, wearing stripes and sharing accommodations with a guy named Bubba
by Nic o'tine February 14, 2009
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