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A popular and fondly-remembered husband and wife comedy from the 1970s. It starred Yootha Joyce and Brian Murphy as a bickering couple living in suburban Hampton Wick in London. Mildred was an upwardly mobile, sex-mad and frustrated housewife; her chief annoyance and occupation in life was her husband George - a degenerate, working-class and proud of it layabout. Their chief disagreements were about sex (or lack of it), Mildred's attempts to climb up the social ladder and George's lack of work and his deliberate attempts not to do any. The programme ended with the untimely death of Yootha Joyce in 1980.
George and Mildred had a number of sharp one-liners and dialogue between the two protagonists:
GEORGE My back ain't what it used to be.
MILDRED Your fronts not what it used to be either!
by Jeffrey Fourmile August 09, 2006
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