OK, let's get a few things straight for you stupid, ignorant, uneducated, self-rightous, vulgar, tart, liberal, biased morons at urban dictionary who have nothing to do but criticize and demonize anybody who has different political views than your own:

1. Wheather you agree with the electoral college or not, he FAIRLY won the 2000 election by winning a majority of Florida's electoral votes needed to secure the election. He won the election FAIR AND SQUARE and did not "steal" it like the sorry-ass, liberal meatheads in the stupid media claim. Rather, it was AL GORE who tried to steal it by suing his way to the White House. It was AL GORE and his cronies that sued in the Supreme Court. It was AL GORE and his cronies who stopped the recount in Florida. And it was AL GORE and his cronies who lost their case in the Supreme Court, giving Bush the election. Period. It's a fact wheather you liberal idiots believe it or not. Period.

2. He was only President for 8 months when 9-1-1 occurred and has next to ZERO blame for 9-1-1. Try blaming his predeccesor, Bill Clinton, who was President for 8 years and had plenty of time to stop Al Quaida from attacking us. It was CLINTON and the Justice Department who did not accept the capture of Bin Laden and alllowed him to be released in 1997.

3. George W. Bush allowed our troops to invade Iraq only AFTER the CONGRESS approved of an invasion,including many key Democrat Congressmen like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, HILLARY CLINTON and John Edwards. This makes him anything but a war-monger.

4. Thanks to his leadership, more people in Al Quaida have been knocked off under his leadership than during any other President.

5. He has, believe it or not, saved the economy from a recession with lower taxes. Yes, he spends a lot but taxes have gone DOWN under his Presidential tenure.

George W. Bush is unfairly the target for stupid liberals, socialists, the media and any anitAmerican (all of the above) becuase of his Christian faith and speech impetements.
by krock1dk November 01, 2007
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Proof that voting in America can be rigged. Instigated the 9/11 attacks with his illogical foreign policies, and made the world hate America even more by starting an illegal oil war in Iraq. He has also succeeded in turning America from a once prosperous nation into a debt-ridden chaos.
Way to go, Dubya.
by AYB April 08, 2003
only man alive to make Forest Gump look smart
Mama always said stupid is as George W Bush does
by scarppy August 27, 2003
A political puppet of large companies whose main goals in life are getting rich and destroying the planet in the process.
That's not a president, that's a prostitute!
by Beelzebob May 22, 2003
George W Bush is America's greatest village idiot.
by Stoneur August 09, 2003
Perhaps the worst, most hypocritical, idiotic president the U.S. has ever had in office (and anyone who supports him and his war effort in the Middle East needs a foot broken up into his/her ass and his/her facts straightened out).
George W. Bush is a dick!
A reason to move to Canada.
I can't take four more years of dingus ruining our country, I'm moving to Canada!
by John September 01, 2004
The butt of all jokes, he not only embarrassed America, but the whole human race.
There was no way in hell that George W. Bush excel in a Ivy League school because he lacks intelligence.
by ??? June 01, 2003
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