A pretty good joke. A man more infamous for anti-intellectualism than anyone in history having a library for a memorial is pretty goddamn funny.
by xX_CaliforniaCheese_Xx September 14, 2011
Top Definition
Also known as The Tard Ferguson Center for Fail Studies, book learnin is strictly forbidden in this library. The only books in the collection are the Bible, Hardy Boys, and revisionist memoirs. All writing in the library must be done with a Magna-Doodle; pens and magic boxes (computers) are prohibited.
The George W. Bush Presidential Library is dedicated to the pursuit of freedumb through squandering billions of stolen tax dollars on failed speculative invasions of countries without militaries and the idea that bombing heaps of people to death out of fear and ignorance makes you a humanitarian.
by frick1 April 03, 2010
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