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A foundation school and technology college located on Arthur Mee Road, Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, England. It teaches years 7-11 and has around 1360 students and 150 staff.

Renowned for its reputable educational status in the surrounding area, gernerally because of its mordern infrasctructure and that many students come from Toton (a friendlier area than its neighbouring town, Stapleford).

However, it is usually held in low regard amongst its students like any other less-reputable school. This can be because of its slack justice system which generally has many silly flaws (piercings, late detentions for people who were late because of traffic jams, grumpy midday-supervisors, etc.), the fact that students must work long distances between lessons and the school's attempts at making itself sound clever with unnecessary educational terms (learning managers, Learning to Learn, etc.)

The school is the only school in England to have a bridge over an A-road (the A52) and thus has upper and lower sites. Its tennis court areas are reffered to by students and staff as "cages" and the main courtyard as the "quad".

The school is informally referred as "Georgy" in the local area as well as sometimes having its students stereotyped as nerds by students from other schools exclusively in Stapleford such as Bramcote Park and Alderman White.
Don't they go to Bramcote Park?
No, they go to George Spencer.

Where did you go to college?
George Spencer.
by Leftovers56 February 04, 2010
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