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Someone, more times than not called something like Ryan or Paul, perhaps even Dave, who acts like a genuine dickhead most of the time, he attempts to sleeze with the most ugliest looking women and uses alcohol in his defence for gettin' off with such women. He also tries to make you feel sooo small and insignificant by trying to over power you with his quick witty banter and vast array of intellect that is normally just complete bullshit. He also can become very boring and irritable like herpes (I've heard)
Greg: "Hey man, how has your day been?"

Woody: "Well, it was going alright till Ryan started talking to me a short while a go"

Greg: " ARGH mate don't go there!! Just dont talk to him, he is such a GENUINE DICKHEAD"
by supadoopawooddelachopdier March 25, 2011
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