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A Black woman, usually elderly but can be any age. Doesn't take shit from anyone or anything, goes to church every sunday, always has her church hat, and a belt she has for beatin her unruly children or grandchildren. They have amazing skills at cooking and can make pure crap taste like heaven as shown by soul food. For some reason they are naturally drawn to my suburban jewish mother.

commonly called GCL's. The term comes from the HBO TV show The Wire, when Barksdale's gang kills Omar's grandmother he says

"do you (word I can't cause I'm white and unlike a lot of dbags on urban dictionary I am not a racist asshole) have any idea what you've done! you've killed a Genuine Colored Lady!"
"Joe's mom is a Genuine Colored Lady, she will personally break the balls of any man dumb enough to mess with her children, and she makes the best BBQ chicken in the world."
by Jewwy Smalls March 22, 2010
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