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One who zealously classifies music as being of a certain genre.
A genre nazi will argue against anyone who claims the music in question is a different genre than what the grammar nazi has said it to be.
The word "grammar nazi" stems from the slang term for someone who aggresively corrects people on their spelling, vocabulary and grammar - a "Grammar Nazi".
Typical genre nazi argument.

"Deadmau5 is a progressive house/trance artist, not trance/progressive house artist, you idiot!"

"Metallica are a thrash metal/speed metal band, not a speed metal/thrash metal band, you idiot!"

"Rihanna is a R&B/pop music singer, not a pop music/R&B singer, you idiot!"
#genre #nazi #music #discrimination #pointless
by anon4625 April 05, 2009
1. Someone who cannot tolerate other kinds of music. They have a very narrow taste for sounds of which they probably didn't even aquire themselves.

2. Someone who argues over what genre a song is esp when they're very similar.
A genre nazi would probably say something along the lines of:

1. I only like hip/hop. I only like metal. i only like pop. etc.

2. "No this isn't trance, this is house." or "this is death metal not deathcore."
#genre #nazi #music #toleration #good music
by a.dias May 12, 2009
A term used to describe someone who is very strict about pointless subgenres of music.
Guy - "Hey, check out this cool new indie song!"
Hipster Douche - "That's not indie, that's neo-psychedelia you ignorant swine!"
Guy - "Go eat your organic kale, you damn Genre Nazi."
#hipster douche #vegan #indie #neo-psychedelia #toms shoes
by A.K Darko July 19, 2014
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