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1.a word used in place of a curse word
2.a word used in a sentence as an adjective, noun, verb, adverb, etc.
3. can also be used with gaderka, derka, smenge, smeng, and other words.
Go suck a genge u fricken genge smeng!

Hey genge!

Dont u geng with my genge, u genge!
by Anthony Tamburello April 15, 2008
word that has no true meaning. formally used in 4th grade.
pablo: hey joe
joe: GENGE!!!!!!
by ghettocowboy July 19, 2006
Genge is a term to describe a temperature which is just right.
This term mainly defines liquid temperatures, however may be used for the atmospheric temperature etc.
For example a genge bath would be one that is just the right temperature.
A genge cup of tea would be one that is also just the right temperature... not too hot and not too cold.
by Harrietness February 07, 2007