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At first Geneveave will seem very quiet and shy but once you get to know her she's a total rebel. Like her name she is quite elegant and intelligent, but at the same time she can be reckless and spontaneous. Her friends think they know her but she has a side she NEVER reveals to anybody. Not even her closest friends. Although she may come off as rude and heartless, she is loving and kind to her closest friends, her love and trust is not easily won. She enjoys good books and coffee. Her style is a mix of Victorian Goth and soft grunge and her musical tastes range from classical/orchestral music to rock and alternative. She has a passion for music and creepy things. Some people think she's insane but she's Okay with that. Overall she is an amazing person and the bestest friend you can ever have.
Proper Noun: The girl in the black is Geneveave, she's a bit odd.

A.k.a: the dark princess, the evil queen, the dark queen, the half blood princess.

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