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drinking game started in a rough part of a college town called Geneseo,NY. A place now famous for its dwindling party scene. Game is played by filling a large pot or container with an alcoholic, mainly beer. It is encouraged to fund the container with whatever you have in your hand as it gets passed around for preparation, may it be a Smirnoff ice or a Gatorade potion. The container is passed around while everyone else claps and chants: "Who's got the big container?!, Steve's got the big container!" When the player hands it off, the name of the next drinker's name is of course chanted. This goes on until the last drop is drunken.

Yo we about to dat big container. You in?

Dude, you were killing during big container last night.

Back in the day, on one fateful night, the Geneseo big container was born.
by spacemonkey46 November 08, 2010
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