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According to social researcher Mark McCrindle in his book 'The ABC of XYZ: Understanding the Global Generations' (, this is what we can expect the next generation to be called. Given the fact that the generational span has contracted significantly from 20-25 years to 15 years, he also predicts that the next generation is due to begin in 2010.
So, why 'Alpha'? With generational analysis having moved from a stage of foundation to consolidation, a more predictable labelling system is being formed. There being consensus on the alphabetised theme of Generations X, Y and Z, it is most likely that the next generation will be Generation Alpha (the first letter of the Greek alphabet). This nomenclature of moving to the Greek alphabet after exhausting the Latin one (A, B, C, D etc), has a long history with meteorologists. In fact, scientists of all disciplines use the Greek alphabet as a labelling sequence and so it looks likely that the sociologists will follow this trend with the generations too.
"Do you know they are saying the next generation will be called Generation Alpha?"
by Wolfwoman September 12, 2009
Genneration Alpha are kids born in the years 2012-present. They are the offspring of early generation Y's and late gen x's. They are going to be the most educated and tech savvy people that ever lived until the generation after gen alpha. They will basically be generation z 2.0. They don't remember a time before smartphones or facebook. They are some of the first people to experience a new education system in America with iPads and more collaborative learning. Someday they will be the leaders of the world but only time can tell what it will be like.
Woman: "Awww he's so cute, when was he born?"

Parent of Child: "He was born in 2012."

Woman:"He's got a bright future he's a generation alpha baby."
by ImmediateAce September 17, 2013
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