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A term popularized on the AOL Rap messageboards around 1999. It expounds more specifically on one of the functions of a "Captain Save-A-Hoe."

Basically, General Jumpinforabitch games/schemes on pussy in the manner of a highly specialized Captain-Save-a-Hoe. He's the guy who will relish the opportunity jump between a man and a woman fighting (verbally or otherwise) in order to curry favor with the woman:

"Hey! HEY!
Whatchoo doing, man?
That's a LADY you're talking to, right there!
Show some RESPECT!"

Generally, Generals end up getting shot.
"I'm arguing with my shorty over some money type shit, and it gets a a little heated.....All of a sudden General Jumpinforabitch pops up out of nowhere like: "Is everything all right here, Miss?" I broke my foot off in his ass and told him to tell his story walkin'....
by WillHigh April 17, 2008
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