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Your everyday dickhead who doesn't have a mind of their own so they have to follow all the latest trends and fads in order to fit in. They're usually found loitering around shopping malls and making homosexual poses on facebook. They refuse to play any music that they actually like because they feel insecure so they just listen to the tracks on the latest so fresh cd just to play it safe.

A general cockhead often brushes their hair to the side like Justin Bieber, wears short fluro shorts (Usually green, red or blue), a snapback hat and rosary beads as a fassion accessory rather then a religious symbol. They're often spotted driving around in done up rodeo utes of if they're to young to get their liscence they ride scooters instead.

If the general cockhead is a female, she is always posting photoshoped pictures of herself half naked with oversized sunglasses on facebook while making a face similar to a duck.

Tom: You're such a general cockhead, you're only saying that because everyone else likes him. Grow some balls, some self esteem and find something you actually like.
by Con Cuthbert January 12, 2012

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