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The most gorgeous supermodel of our time.. up there with twiggy and kate moss. The Perth, 5'9, leggy 17 year old with a face of a porcelein doll. Her look as has been descibed as "extra-terrestrial" with wide-set eyes,pale skin and bee stung lips. Her look is an epidemic
*pointing at alien* " oh look its gemma wards cousin"
by Alis June 10, 2005
A beautiful porcelain doll. With large and expressive childlike eyes and lavish lips, her distinctive and unique look sets her apart from the rest of the models even the ones who have doll-like beauty themselves pale in comparison to her.
Exotic blonde. She may be the first of her kind. When she first hit the scene from her native Australia, Gemma Ward was known for her alien beauty as well as for her Siamese kitten innocence mixed with a romantic Lolita found only before in Von Dongen paintings. She could float like a nymph in a garden or rock behind a deejay booth, but this girl’s becoming a serious woman. We can’t wait to watch.

-V magazine
by Gemma_fan November 02, 2006
One of the stunning faces of recent fashion, yes. 'Otherworldly' and Ethereal and (forgive us) slightly pedophilliac at the same time. Wait a decade or more to see if we can speak of her in the same career-league as Kate Moss, though.
Who is the 'danger' girl George clooney embraces on the cover of Vanity Fair (Oct 2006)? Gemma Ward
by tabula rasa October 28, 2006
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