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Originated at SMC in U of T, meaning to just relax/chill, and not worry about anything.
Bro: Yo check out that rocket over there, I'm gonna go wheel her.

Renzo: Naw Bro, just geeve, she'll come to us.
by SMCatUofT January 17, 2012
an altenative way of saying 'Geeze', usually said when drunk, high or just plain excited
Coral - Geeve!
Jack - Don't you mean geeze?
Coral - nah, i'm drunk, high, plain excited and possibly a combination of all three
Jack - oh right, sweet geeve.
by packjugh July 06, 2011
in gino/gina talk, its means revenge for being dissed or for other events that have happened such as breaking up in a relationship
Joe broke up with mary so mary is going to GEEVE joe
by Kustom Made July 06, 2005