someone who acts emo for their friends. When they get home they listen to 50 cent and 2pac and go around doing drive-bys.
Did you see that kid? he was so Geemo
by khriscrisis January 09, 2008
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Noun and Adjective

The combination of a geek and an emo

something and or someone that is geemo
I love my friend Mickey, Shes such a geemo when she plays clarinet in the school band
by That one crazy kid November 24, 2006
Geek emo. Bands and people related to this genre.
Geemo bands: Weezer, Something corperate, Taking Back Sunday.
Use: You friggen geemo... man they are so geemo
by useful idiot December 29, 2004
Geemo (jē mō)

An emo that likes a limited amount of goth music and fancies both emo and goths. Most emos only breed with emos; a gemo is an exception to this rule. They mostly dress emo, listen to emo and usually don't like any proper old school goth music but will own music by bands like HIM and Deathstars.
"I couldn't believe my luck last night. I pulled this well fit emo. It all made sense when I got back to hers and saw the HIM CD's. Turns out she was a geemo."
by enigmacrypt April 14, 2009
originating from the word gimp. someone who is foolish/uncool. participates in stupid and annoying activities. often believing they are a "joker" when they are not.
"what an idiot and so annoying!"
"i know, he's such a geemo"
by Roz 'n' Loz July 16, 2005
The protruding bodypart known only to be found on a Carson.
The dude has a geemo
by Chris Carson LRINV12 May 22, 2003

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