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The purest kind of love there is, when two "Geeks," "Nerds," or other socially-awkward people fall in love. This type of love usually lasts long due to the fact that Geeks are Loyal, Trusting, and Understanding creatures that will accept you for whoever you are. Sure, they may embarrass you on occasion, or confuse you when they try to talk in binary/Klingon, but in the end Geek Love tends to last longer than normal High-School Romance.
Two people dating are dating in the Chess Club. Awww....It's Geek Love....
by The Nonaness February 13, 2009
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You know, when you've got two geeks who like each other. it's cute.
Everyone knows that sci-fi is freakin' full of Geek Love!
by sam August 23, 2005

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