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A classification of a Geek's skills.

A level 5 Geek would have to have all the levels under him/her

Level 1: Can name basic parts of a computer and has a slightly higher than average knowledge of computers than the average person. (ie. Knows how a hard drive works)

Level 2: Knows all parts of a computer and what makes them better than others. (ie. Why Intel Graphics cards SUCK)

Level 3: Knows the Difference between an .exe and a .xyz (ie. .bat) and what each does

Level 4: Can make partitions etc. and can Install operating systems and create dual-boot setups. Familiar with one form of a Linux based operating system. (ie. Ubuntu)

Level 5: Can code at least a little bit with Languages like C, C#, Java, Visual Basic, Basic..... or C++

Level 6: Knows EXTENSIVE Knowledge of computer parts and how they all work together, and what would cause SNAFUs. (ie. compatibility issues)

Level 7: Extensive knowledge of a certain computer part(s), a specialty. And knows everything there is to know about that part. (ie. Graphics cards: DX11 CUDA cores, PhysX Good brands etc.)

Level 8: Can build a computer out of store bought components. (mother board, hard drive.....)

Level 9: Can write useful programs for computers

Level 10: Is employed for their Geek Skill (Freelance coder, Works at Best Buy, nVidia etc..)
**Geek Level System**
Sam: "My netbook has a slow graphics card..."

Ian: "It needs the Intel Atom!:

level 9 Geek: "Shut up idiot, Intel can't make Graphics cards for shit! nVidia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

other level 9 Geek: "ATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Level9Geek March 06, 2010
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