A person whose recognition of his or her obvious homosexuality is unreasonably delayed. See also in the closet.
The film Milk, starring Sean Penn as Harvey Milk, proposed that his assassin Dan White was a gaytard.

Mike: "I was a total gaytard: it took me three years and thousands of dollars in therapy to realize I liked men."
by TaraChase July 20, 2009
Something that's just really gay + retarded. Most times it's used as an insult.
You're so gaytarded!
by Polli May 31, 2005
Somewhere between retard and a homosexual
Johnathong is a GAYTARD
by tim May 22, 2003
something you call someone when they have just said something so retarded that your grandma thinks its cool.
you are such a gaytard
by me April 06, 2005
When something or someone will not work when the operator is entirely correct.

When something is broken for no reason at all.
"Mrs. Philbin, my computer is being gaytarded again!"
by Warmaster Assclown August 26, 2004
A person who has sexual feelings towards the same sex, and is also a retard.
Drporkchop is a fucking gaytard! What kind of name is that anyways!?

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