a gayro is an even gayer version of an egro.
gayro's are usually found in very thick swamps, marshes, and the midwest.

Plural: Gayroes
Clevon: Fuck dammit man so many of those godamn gayroes here in Missouri.
Jebediah: Yeah.
by izaak h October 22, 2007
Top Definition
1a gayros (gayroi=plular) also known as "gay-roy","kotopoula me krani", is the nickname of the greek supportes of the misserable athletic club of peireus(peireus is the biggest greek harbor) which was used to be a party zone for the american marines and the american navy!
poios einai gayros einai kai poutanas gios
gayroi(plular) mounia mounia gamw ton peirera
by mush13 June 07, 2006

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