The measured space between the crotches of two straight men when they hug.
Bob and John, depart after spending the evening at the pub pouring out their troubled souls to one another.

John: (overcome with emotion, hugs Bob) "Was a good night Bob, thanks I needed that (burp)."
Bob: (briskly stepping back creating an A-frame-like man-structure) "No problem but watch the gaypex mate, watch the gaypex!!"
by 'Mash March 13, 2007
Top Definition
Pronunciation: gey-peks, Noun.

1. The final, utmost, or furthest boundary as to the extent, amount, continuance, or procedure to which a straight man can engage in non-manly activities before he risks "changing teams (see switch teams)".
2. The climax, peak, or acme in gayness observed over a discrete period of time.
1. Jason hit his gaypex yesterday after going to the spa and taking baths with his buddies.
2. Watching Johnny get hit on by that dude at the bar marked the gaypex of our evening.
by Deliciousbond April 04, 2009
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