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Descriptive to all the unfortunate things that happen in life.
*Note: Entirely unrelated to sexual preference.
Information Gayage- When you have something on your face and your comrade fails to inform you. Thanks, friend!

Air Freshener Gayage- When the cheap strawberry scented air freshener starts to suffocate you.

Super Hot Light Just Burnt My Hand Gayage- Didn't look hot but it was!

Construction Zone Gayage- Fines, doubled.

Long Legs Gayage- When you are uprooted from your comfortable front seat position to sit in the back because the longer legged boy complains. (Also known as "More Branden Gayage")

Wild Wild West Gayage- When your friend owns a copy of the Wild Wild West Soundtrack. This is on the level of Super Ultra Mega Gayage

Seagull Gayage/ Jenny Gayage- Scavengers, we don't like them.

Doritoes Gayage- When you spot a bag on top of the fridge that appears to be full, only when pulled down you find it to be empty. Extreme Gayage.
by Qwubyux January 27, 2009
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