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1. To have homo-sexual feelings for another person.

2. A term used to mock someone for their abnormal obsession or desire for something which could be a person (not necessarily homo-sexual), place, thing or an action.
1) Ben is "gay for" Steven.

2) Melissa is "gay for" japanese comics.
Chris is "gay for" watching movies.
Thomas is "gay for" Anna.
by DW Chaney November 29, 2007
to be gay for something or someone: to have a strong but somewhat subtle interest in something. the interest becomes clear in rare and quick remarks that should be taken as a hint.

like in Family guy where Stewie is both gay, but also "gay for" Brian, in that it is piece by piece insinuated that he has a sexual(not neccesarily) interest in Brian throughout the series
a scholarship? goddamn, Dave is SO gay for that scholarship"
by Heyheya January 15, 2011
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