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An avid gamer, who actively plays Gears of War, has become extremely addicted to the entire franchise, to the point of taking an essentially homosexual liking to it.

Generally, said gamer can't be held responsible for these tendencies, they were simply born that way, or perhaps the gaming is what inspired them.

Be it nature or nurture, the phenomenon of being Gay for Gears has risen to epic proportions.
Andy: My ipod only plays 20 seconds of this song and skips to the next one! Fuck this!

Brad: Well, it could be worse. You could have a Zune.

Andy: You know, if they made a Gears of War zune I'd totally trade my ipod in for one.

Brad: Um... what?

Andy: Yeah... Im totally Gay for Gears.
by B-Rad G from the Southside October 16, 2008

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