1. Someone whose Straight Edge isn't genuine; They just do it 'cause their friends claim.
2. Someone who's a complete douchebag and claims Straight Edge; yet by claiming Edge, they make Straight Edge look bad.

3. A Straight Edge homosexual.
"Buddy Wolfe's not Straight Edge, he's Gay Edge!"

"Look a those dorks X'ing up at the bowling ally. What a bunch of Gay Edge nerds."

"That hardcore band Limp Wrist consists of Gay Edge dudes."
Top Definition
Ignoring the other entry, gay edge has become a more modern day term that is used to define someone who identifies with both the straight edge and the homosexual lifestyle.
Limp Wrist does consist of gay edge members.
by xEDGEx August 25, 2008
Similar to the popular phase of 'Straight edge' except you CAN drink, smoke, fuck, fight and other fun things. Rather than putting an 'x' at the begining and end of your name like 'Straight edge' it is a foward slash at the begining (/) and a backslash at the end (\). Gayedge is only for extremely brootal scenes, and should not be used otherwise.
xjohnx; man I well want a fag
/james\; too bad you're straight edge and not gayedge *puff puff*
by /babes\ March 29, 2009
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