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a guy that will pown ur arse in resistance.
gavin will pwn you because you are a noob.
by cornacopia March 16, 2007
60 124
The word "Gavin" is a name, but the common misconception is that it means battle hawk. It infact does not mean battle hawk (LMFAO!). Gavin means White Hawk in scottish. Nothing more, nothing less.
The last time I checked the definition on the name "Gavin", a lot of people didn't seem to like people with that name.
by ginsumasta August 07, 2006
128 213
Gavin is a name. It means battle hawk or white hawk its a greek name. most Gavins that you will meet are wonderful for the most part. untill you really get to know him. i wouldnt date a Gavin more than likely he will cheat on you and not tell you untill months into the relationship. or relationshit. how ever you like to say it.
"He is just going to cheat on you again he is just being a Gavin"
by XYouDidThisX January 10, 2009
46 134
- used to identify someone who displays characteristics like those of a jerk, loser, asshole, etc.
- describes someone in the context of having malicious intent or showing inconsideration for other people

"Gavin" is a colloquialism native to Windsor, ON.
"He constantly brags about himself and he never returns phone calls. What a Gavin!"
by Kate eff March 04, 2007
48 144
Noun - a 'gavin' can be many things, but mainly is a word used to refer to a smoking accessory e.g. lighter, skins, cigarette etc.
'Pass me the gavin please, Frank.' OR
'Fuck! I've run out of gavins!'
by jenny s February 06, 2008
56 156
To be a "Gavin", or to "G-Out". Simply put, it means you are an idiot. A Gavin. Sometimes used to express confusion or to show anger at ones previous actions

Other Uses:
To Gavin Out
To Gav' Out
"Oh man, these two chicks came up last nite and i just Gav'd Out Hardcore"

"Yeah that Raine kid is such fricking Gavin"
by Shempy May 13, 2007
21 128
A gavin is defined as a medieval sword
the knight slayed the dragon wiht his mighty gavin
by little lamb March 27, 2007
48 156