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An expression from Southern Louisiana used to express extreme anger or frustration as a result of, but not limited to, stubbing one's toe upon the side of a pirogue, being bitten by an overgrown nutria, watching one's lover cheat or insult you, responding to a scream in frustration, causing an alligator to release salty liquid from its eyes, forgetting an important date, getting trapped within an underground tunnel system, eating a rancid bowl of jambalaya, accidentally losing something, or any other frustrating, egregious, or angering situation.

Used also as a heightened and/or more raunchy form for such words as crap, damn, shit, fuck or any other interjection.

Gator Tears! should not be used freely while in Louisiana and should be reserved for any horrible situation but is socially acceptable and often encouraged to be used among naive foreign, non-Louisiana communitites
I left all of my shit at home and am now gonna be completely lost and screwed, Gator Tears!
by Seth Faulkner July 18, 2011
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