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Another flash ad using the ever so famous combination of fantasy and boobs, like Evony, the chick with the revealing cleavage has nothing to do with the game. This ad is commonly found on Youtube.
"lol look, Gates of Andaron; another ad for some crappy fantasy MMO using some WoW-looking chick's boob's to lure in all the nerds"
by anonymous134141 August 30, 2009
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MMORPG relatively new to the seen. Basically a failed wow killer.
Satan: 'Hey! Jesus! I found an awesome new MMORPG!'

Jesus: 'What is it?'

Satan: 'Gates of Andaron!'

Jesus: 'LOL total fail. Just a wow killer.'

Satan: 'Fuck.'
by Thekingofbs September 13, 2009
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