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A high school based in Rochester, New York which is a prison where parents who don't give a shit about their kid send them. The groups that are most common in schools are PR's, ignant black people who stab others with rat tail combs, white people who think they're as black as Djimon Hounsou (from Blood Diamond), and most of the county's whores who produce a fair percentage of it's population. And don't forget that half of the school's population that sell drugs and are pimps. And the other half are innocent kids who are thrown in there because it's cheep and teaches them how to survive in the wild. Also, the school finds it necessary to put most of the black kids in the purple hall.
Jim: Yo dude, you hear about Gates Chili High School?
Fred: Yeah, I heard some kid got stabbed with a comb over a quarter.
Jim: Nah not that. Someone got mauled by a lion in the purple hall!
Fred: Holy shit! That really is a jungle!
by Super Colonel January 21, 2012
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