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When a human of the female variety wipes forwards rather than backwards.
Person A: I had an amazing breakfast the other day, scrambled eggs on toast, how was yours?
Person B: Horrible
Person A: oh yeah, how come?
Person B: I had gash browns
Person A: I hope you dumped her
Person B: Certainly did, right after i finished my breakfast
Person A: Well obviously
by Merkin Boy May 24, 2007
When a girl whipes her ass in a forward motion, there fore whipeing shit into their gash.
' crap! i gotta start whipeing backwards, my boyfriend wont apprectiate this gash brown.'
by The Danzanattor March 06, 2009
when a woman wipes from back to front
always front to back, don't want to be giving yourself gash browns
by impendin July 01, 2015
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