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Lead singer of the rock and roll band Extreme during the 80s, who eventually broke up. Cherone went on to replace Sammy Hagar as Van Halen's lead singer. In three years they only produced one alubm "Van Halen III". Despite much criticism, musically it was actually a pretty decent mix of a different style of Van Halen. Hagar then resumed kicking ass as Van Halen's lead singer after the public's poor opinion forced Cherone to make an early exit.
The Van Halen album "Van Halen III" featured Gary Cherone as the lead singer.
by EVH February 14, 2005
Lead singer of the great 80's band called Extreme. Extreme eventually broke up ,Cherone replaced Sammy Hagar and brought on the death of Van Halen
I'd rather listen to that Van Hagar shit than Gary Cherone
by frat January 03, 2005
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