describes the look of someone's face when they are told something so shocking that their eyes bulge out, their mouth opens, the entire room is stunned by association and time stops.
"Were you there when John told Jenn about how someone threw a skunk in his face?"

"Yeah! The look on her face was so garvin!"
by G. Sea May 07, 2008
Top Definition
Someone who posseses an over the top '80s haircut.
Jenny: Did you hear about Britney's haircut?

Stephanie: OMG, its so Garvin.
by Lawlcatz August 08, 2008
N. A unit of measurement used to record the amount of butthurt on the internet.
Dude look at Andrew, he must be pushing 1000 Garvins with how angry he looks!
by XKalibur June 04, 2013
A fantastic bass player with perfect hair.
"If you were a bass I'd totally finger your g string" said the class Garvin.
by shhhitsamystery December 21, 2015
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