A term for someone who is really sexy
What a wonderful looking Garg he is.
by Garg-oyle December 13, 2003
An easy girl who blows so many guys it is as if she is constantly gargling ejaculate.
I scoped many a gargs at the sorority social I attended last Friday.
by The Suyk March 16, 2010
To leave work early after having accomplished nothing except for taking a two hour lunch. They are also known to sniff bicycle seats.
"Dude, that guy is such a slacker - he pulls a Garg every other day!"
by FUStag January 30, 2008
(v). to act really gay, to be very arrogant, to act like a douche

(n). someone that thinks they're the shit, someone that wears very tight clothing, someone who is overprotective of their girlfriend, someone who alienates all of his friends for his girlfriend
(v). "Please quiting garging, it makes people want to hate you."

(n). "Man, you're being a garg right now, you never do anything fun with the guys anymore."
by GSPJesus January 22, 2010
It is someone who fancies the panties of Noot.
That guy there is Garg.
by Garg-oyle April 19, 2004
A huge enemie in Half Life
Watch out it's a garg!!!
by Mister_Fan October 02, 2003
an exclamation of annoyance or disgust
"so how was his..?"
"garg. midgit"
"should have known"
by k8 February 22, 2005
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