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Anything overly amazing, confusing, awesome, or any other extreme word. Also, anything equally as amazing, or pertaining to Jonas Brothers' bassist Greg Garbowsky.
*This definition was made possible by the Team Jonas Flux Crew.
*Examples created by jonasobsessie1
that shirt is so garbolicious


that mathematical equation is only possible in a garbolicious manner
by Garbolicious Drama-Fighter August 29, 2009
--when someone or something is as amazing, cool, or good looking as Greg Garbowsky, bassist for The Jonas Brothers

Created by Sami and Emily on July 25th, 2008.

Note: There is a song that goes along with it, and Garbo knows about both.
"Wow! That guy is gorgeous!"
"He's alright, but nowhere near garbolicious."
by xSamanthaJean January 16, 2009