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Also: "Trash Flower"

1- A more romantic way to describe an object or person that is COMPOSED of bits and pieces of things or thoughts commonly seen as trash by the fascist, the bigot, and the simple narrow minded folk.

2- A piece of art composed of random bits and pieces that wouldn't commonly be used as such.

3- This is a loaded term. Used by a person who finds beauty in something or someone that is commonly seen as displeasant trash.
1- "Mia Zapata* was a like a beautiful Garbage Flower."
1- "The Deftones* are like a patch blooming Trash Flowers."

2- "This DIY table is quite the Garbage Flower... very nice."
2- "I made Garbage Flowers at school when I was younger." - Adam Grey

3- "These graffiti covered walls are like growing flowers in a vast junkyard.

* - Singular examples from a long list of candidates. Many other names would apply here just as greatly.
by Endth Thend - Samuel Michaud December 08, 2008
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