A jazz fusion/jam outfit currently in operation in the USA. Alternate spelling "Garaj Mahal." Known for the technical proffiency of its members.
"Hey I'm a collegiate stoner from Minnesota. Let's get roasted and listen to some Garage Mahal"
by Kane, Andrew Kane May 05, 2006
Top Definition
Occasionally seen in the yards of people with way too much time on their hands. The Garage Mahal is a large, ornate garage, probably used for storing expensive goods, such as Ferraris, French Bread, Platinum Chains, or Record Labels. So large, many a small child have never come out.
"So, I hear that George the retired Prince of India is building a show-stoppin' Garage Mahal!"
by supaDISC May 24, 2004
A guy's garage that is his place to hang out and do guy stuff, his castle and girls just don't understand!!

Related to the extravagant Taj Mahal.
Every night John goes out to his Garage Mahal and plays with his power tools!
by Mjamgb August 04, 2009
A male urban refuge. A Garage designed as a tribute to the handyman. A big ass garage.
Whenever I need the right tool for the job, I just head over to the neighbours Garage Mahal.
by Neil Owen April 23, 2006
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