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Un-normally loose ass hole. Usually caused by ass spelunking
When someone gets pounded in the ass, they get a "Gaping Asshole"
by Vegas March 24, 2003
An rectum of a female or male which has been expanded to a wide state. This is achieved by anal sex or stimulation with another object or sex toy.

A gaping asshole is created when the anal sphincter is stretched from anal penetration to reveal a 'gaping' effect. This is seen in varieties of hardcore pornography featuring anal sex.
I was having anal sex with her, my penis was so large for her that when I pulled out and saw her gaping asshole.
by Mr Chris, August 09, 2007
An anus with humongous size, usually in diameter. See goatse
He crammed his sticky thick love shaft into her gaping asshole.
by Omniverse March 28, 2003
Former Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.
"Wow, Governor Ehrlich vetoed another piece of good legislation? He's such a gaping asshole!"
by Fernando la Casa December 03, 2007

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