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A phase common amongst more affluent males in their early twenties, which typically requires the exchange of basic hygiene for Bob Marley memorabilia, dreadlocks and second hand military clothing.

Early warning signs include the gradual slurring of speech (as made popular in the movie 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'), endless discussions of aid increases/debt reduction and an overall musky smell.

A Gap Year Anarchist will subscribe to numerous clichés. Behaviour may include voluntary summertime homelessness/squatting, throwing flour & dancing on a Cenotaph.

The phase ends when the GYA finally succumbs to pleas from his/her family and/or bank manager/student loans company/court, gets a haircut, a job and a life!
"And once again a Gap Year Anarchist succeeds in his lifetime's ambition: to get all the attention. Well done. *slow hand clap*"

(British Labour MP Tom Harris tweet, 19th of July 2011)
#gap #year #anarchist #life #attention
by little-miss can't do wrong July 19, 2011
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