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something that is both really cool and extreamly stupid at the same time.
that movie was so gankstir!
by stesha May 27, 2008
The act of money laundering or being a money launderer. Gank meaning to steal. Stir meaning mixing the dirty money with the clean money.
J-Dawg got busted for bein a gankstir.
by drop it like its Schaaf June 15, 2007
A word pertaining to the discriprtion of food and only food. This word is not applicable to any other discriptive purpose.
Steve: "This Twinkie is gankstir".
Dain: "OMFGshift111 you are soooo PWNZOR. This soup is also gankstir. IMHO"
Steve: "Fo shizzle straight gankstir".
by Danea September 16, 2006