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When you've been 'bustin caps' and 'hoo ridin' for months only to realize that the gang lifestyle isn't going to lead anywhere but the cemetery or the state penitentiary. This sudden and strong desire to turn one's life around is known as 'Gang Lifestyle Fatigue' of GLF. GLF usually manifests itself when a gangster finds himself in custody facing 25 to life.
Antoine: Dis gangsta muthafucka sPRAYd dem krip bitchez wit my deuce. Ima rot-gut.

Trey: Yes but don't you think upon further reflection that shooting unknown strangers simply for wearing blue is uncivilized and will lead to the ultimate breakdown of society?

Antoine: Damn nigga u tryin to giv me Gang Lifestyle Fatigue?
by To M Paine October 28, 2009

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