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Gandolf Macon is a version of Randolf Macon and the Lord of the Rings dude, used referring to idiots, retards, dooshes, douches if your gandolf. Also used when referring to morning bed head, or looking like a hobo.
Macon is added when the person is super dooshus.
Ex. 1:
Joe: Yo wassup?
Dude: Nothing much..homie.
Joe: You wanna do me a favor and pay me back for that beer last week?
Dude: (runs away)
Joe: What a Gandolf.

Ex. 2:
Joe: Hi I would like a burger, fries, and a coke.
Dude: Ok sir drive around.
Joe gets the food and goes home and checks his bag of food.
Joe: WTF?
Joe has received a fish sandwich, onion rings, and diet coke.
Joe: That motherf****in' Gandolf Macon.
by B. Hukmani June 17, 2008
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