The forgetton system, as everyone is too busy concerning themselves with PS2, X-Box, and Gamecube.
The Game Boy Advance is great for long car rides.
by Brad June 09, 2003
Top Definition
AKA : the triumphant return of the Super Nintendo!
"The GBA is 32-bit, but the games remind me of the glorious ol' days of the Super Nintendo....^_^ ^_^ ^_^ "
by Dave June 14, 2004
One of the greatest handheld systems of all time. It makes sense, as it's essentially a remake of the Last Great Game System.

Had one of the most expansive game libraries of all time, as it could play most other Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Reasons to buy this system or its successor, the GBA SP, include but are not limited to: Castlevania COTM, most of the Final Fantasy games, the Pokemon series, and the Legend of Zelda series.

Those unlucky few who fail to realize that the SNES lives on in the GBA and later the DS and DS Lite are doomed to waste money on games and systems that focus so much on graphics over gameplay that they'll be playing episodes of Friends while the true gamers like us will be playing the games that made and continue to make history.
Game Boy Advance, we salute you.
by aka_Pyro May 05, 2007
A handheld 32-bit gaming console that you can take anywhere.

Nintendo's newest handheld gaming console.
GBC, GB Origianl.
by wud_e July 05, 2002
A handheld console, manufactured by Nintendo. Powered by a 32-bit MIPS processor, it is the most powerful handheld console to date. The screen lacks a backlight, so it is very hard to use in dark areas. Several lights are available to make the screen more readable.
My Gameboy Advance is out of batteries.
by Stage 9 April 22, 2003
Herald to the renaissance of video games. Scourge of the 3D world. Competitor of home consoles. Object of envy to Sony and N-Gage fanboys.
Teh GAYBOY LAME-ASS is teh sux0rs cuz it has kiddy game lyk pOkemon and sonic. Evry1 noes dat grafix and overdone stories is what makes teh good game.
by Solieyu December 30, 2003
A miniature gaming deity spawned from the Divine Realm of Nintendo. Great for long car rides, and owning the crap out of friends in 4-player games that are now sadly obsolete.
person1: dude, you bring your GBA?
person2: you know it!
(Game Boy Advance: yes, yes, succumb to my infinitely gargantuan library that makes the collective library of PS3 and Xbox 360 look like a school library selection of useful books. Alas, my library is only rivaled by that of my newer relatives, the DS and Wii!)
by aka_Pyro April 26, 2007
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