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Selling something in good condition, relatively new and getting about no where near what you payed for it.
Bro #1- bro bro i just sold my school books at the book store and got like 150 back.

Bro #2- dog didnt you pay like over 400 dollars for them shits

Bro #1-............

Bro #2- bro u just got gamestopped
by BigMac73 May 09, 2011
Shameless harassment of a customer by a cashier in the checkout line at any retailer for purchasing useless add-ons, warranties, or other junk that you could really care less about.

Named for the bullying of customers by GameStop employees to by Game Informer when you just want to pay for your video game and leave.
Damn, that lady at the grocery store GameStopped me by trying to sell me a candy bar and a soda. All I wanted was bottled water!
by AccioSuckIt March 09, 2011