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Game Grumps is a "let's play" type channel on Youtube started and starring Egoraptor (Grump) And JonTron (Not So Grump). They have played games like Goof Troop, Kirby Superstar, and Sonic 06. The channel has gathered a large fan-community of animators and artists who have created an enormous amount of fan content.
Hey I'm Grump!

I'm not so Grump!

And we're the GameGrumps!
by BoopinAssUsername December 02, 2012
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An addition to my other definition.
The duo has broken and repaired, but instead of Jon, Danny from NinjaSexParty joined. Fans are not pleased.
RubberRoss has also started a series with Danny on the Game Grumps channel as well, known as Steam Train. Instead of console games, the content it has is of computer games.
Ah man, Danny can never replace Jon in our Grump hearts!

Dude, Danny is a good addition to Game Grumps.
by Garnet June 26, 2013
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A let's play duo of Jon Jafari, or JonTron, and Arin Hanson, or Egoraptor. The channel has gained a large fanbase, and unlike other Let's Play channel fans, they are more accepting and do not rage if someone hates them. Games they have played are, to name a few, Goof Troop, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, Castlevania 3, and Mega Man X7.
Game grumps is the greatest thing ever conceived!

Nah, I don't like it.

by Garnet April 07, 2013
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