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A multi-day marathon of gaming (usually video games) amongst at least 4 individuals (usually men aged 18-29) in which all other responsibilities are put aside for the duration. Usually centered around PC games with all individuals playing as a team giving them the upper hand in competitive online games due to their face-to-face communication medium. A single console game is often chosen in order to allow participants a change of scenery every few hours. Due to the extensive distancing from reality a Game Storm is usually an annual event in order to preserve the participant's sense of social responsibility and physiological well being.

A single 1hr exercise break is offered (and encouraged) each day throughout the event.
Jude: Can we find a time this weekend to talk about moving?

Mark: Game Storm.

Alex: What's the tag line for Game Storm 2012?

Terence: BETA is over.
by Diabro August 28, 2013
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